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Scientific Program

The NACP symposium is a meeting for medical physicists and will cover subjects of interest for medical physicists working within the fields of diagnostics and therapy. The meeting will focus on technical issues within diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy, and aims to include discussions of clinical practice.

The symposium will consist of plenary sessions and parallel sessions with invited speakers and proffered papers.


The scientific committe will invite outstanding speakers and top leaders in their field.

The session topics in the preliminary program are:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Quantitative MRI

  • Radiomics

  • Advanced PET

  • PET/MR

  • Proton therapy

  • Iterative reconstruction for CT

  • MR-Linac

  • Advanced CT

  • Clinical RT

  • Panel debate: Why are new technologies not translated from research to clinic?

  • ... and much more to come!

Clinical application workshops:

There will also be clinical application workshops with informal presentations and discussions during the symposium.

Preliminary workshop topics:

- Workshop 1: Clinical applications: Plan and delivery quality

- Workshop 2: Clinical applications: Radiology and nuclear medicine

- Workshop 3: To be announced

Contact nacp2020@gmail.com for more information.

NACP2020 gratefully acknowledge our participants and invited speakers that enrolled their participation to NACP in 2021.

A special thank to our exhibitors that enrolled their participation to NACP in 2021:

- Brainlab

- GE Healthcare

- RaySearch Laboratories